another letter

Dear Boy with the Cruelly Beautiful Eyes and Perfect Non-Patchy Beard,

How about giving me any sort of invitation to make this relationship a little deeper.  Do you wanna know what I think? Or feel? About anything? Because I’d love to tell you.  And know the same things about you.

Here are a few embarrassing things about me that I’d share with you if I wasn’t such a fraidy-cat or if you gave any hint that you wanted to know:

  • I like Jewel. I’m listening to her right now.
  • I do Martha Stewart-inspired crafts. for fun.
  • I have a notebook where I write down my prayers.
  • I’m dying to get married and have a family, even though I’m too young to think about such things.
  • I wish you’d say more cute/sweet things to me.
  • I look at your butt basically every time you turn around.

But… maybe the point is that you don’t want to have a deep relationship. That this is just a way to pass the time until you graduate.  It’s quite possible, and I can’t really blame you.  Long distance relationships are a lot of work.  I know from experience.  And I can’t really deny that it’s probably not worth it when we barely know each other at this point.

So maybe this should really be a letter to myself, asking what are you doing?


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