cheesiest post ever. do not read.

Today.  Is a beautiful day.

Campus is a winter wonderland, with snowflakes and icicles. People are polite, holding doors and elevators. My hair has body, I like my outfit.

Oh, and I had a perfect night last night with my sort-of boyfriend.

If one word could describe me today, infatuated would have to be it.  I’m in the best. mood. ever.

Now, I’ve never been a cuddler.  Maybe because I didn’t appreciate it until I lost it for a few months (during my brief single-hood).  But I cuddled last night. For hours. And I loved it. I loved loved loved it. And he held my hand, he stroked my hair, we laughed, we talked. And, boy, did I miss these couple-y cutesy things when I was single!

If I were anyone else reading this, I would totally barf.  But everybody wants what I had last night, so I’m gonna relish in it while it lasts.

And hopefully, even if this ends up being nothing after this semester, I can look back on nights like last night. Nights were I was completely 100% happy, with no worries or insecurities.  Just happy and having fun.  And hopefully I’ll still think it was worth it.  Because I certainly do right now.


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