preoccupied and pathetic? possibly.

Today I was in a bad mood. From the moment I got up until about an hour ago.  And you know why? You won’t even believe it. You’ll think, “Seriously? Is this girl for real? Please, sweetheart, get a life.”

But it’s true. I spent the better part of my day upset that, last night, my sort-of boyfriend signed offline without saying goodbye.  It haunted me.  Does he still like me? Did I do something? I don’t deserve to be treated this way just because you’re upset that the U.S. lost to Canada in hockey!

And apparently, it turns out that I was the one who signed off first, without knowing it, because I have the worst internet ever.  It was all a misunderstanding.

And yet, this teeny weeny miscommunication ruined my day. And now I’m happy again, because he was adorable about me being an oversensitive freak.  He said it was no big deal, and not to worry about it at all.

This is a problem.

Please tell me why my happiness is based on the actions of someone else.  Shouldn’t my happiness be at all in my own control?  Obviously, the answer is “yes”. But how exactly do I get there? That’s the question that really needs to be answered, and I better get on it fast, before I waste another day worrying about his feelings (about me) instead of my own.


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