a love letter… to my roommate.

Silly me.

I’ve been so caught up in the thoughts and actions of one person. aka a boy.  And because of that, I seem to have missed the true love of my life as she snores away in the bed right in front of me.

My wonderful roommate has been my backbone through it all.  She has had help, of course, from several other wonderful friends of mine and my dear mommy, but she is the poor stooge that has to live with me and my emotions on a daily basis.

I cry, I complain, I ask for mountains of advice (that I rarely listen to because it’s not what I want to hear).  But she’s still always there.

Here’s a little example of my struggles, and her willingness to help me despite how ridiculous I get:
I go to a party and drink after ending my sort-of relationship.  Bad idea.  I drink more than I ever have before, and attempt to text all of the people I should not ever text, let alone while intoxicated.  And call my mom.  At 3 am.  And my sweet friend, my poor sweet friend, attempts to take my phone.  Over and over again.  I threw a newspaper at her face. And she still kept trying to save me from embarrassment.  (disclaimer: I swear I’ve never been so belligerent in my life, and hopefully never will be again.  It was quite the learning experience).

And on top of that, when she was the single one and I was in the committed relationship, I had no sympathy, no understanding because I had never been in her shoes.  I was dating the same guy since I was 16.  And now the tables are turned, and she doesn’t hold that against me.  Basically, I don’t deserve her wonderfulness, but I will accept it gladly because it keeps me going.

So, my beautiful roomie, thank you.  You’ve saved my life.  Multiple times.


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