okay, obama, now reform my love life.

Okay, that heading doesn’t really fit this post… but come on. It’s funny.

Anyway, I had an awesome weekend.  I literally spent 2 hours at home, and the rest of the time, I was out enjoying the weather and the alcohol that come with spring in a college town.  Yet there was still a theme…

boys. boys. boys.

Still rulin’ my life. Nothing else matters. I am the worst.

Did I not hit puberty likeee 10 years ago?  Why am I so boy crazy?  I’m no different from a 14 year old girl walking around with a Tiger Beat magazine and a “Team Edward” t-shirt (do kids still read Tiger Beat?)

Examples of my pathetic (and more and more shallow everyday) obsession with men…

  1. First, I’m cranky because I didn’t get to hang out with the boy I wanted to.
  2. But then the next day, I do (oh, thank God!) and we make out.  (on a side note, I also have the total realization that I have no connection with him other than physical.  This is followed by a text to my best friend/roommate to tell her this.  And I accidentally texted “I don’t care about anything he’s saying, I just want to do him so bad.” to the boy himself.  I then rushed to perform a romantic comedy-esque stealing of the phone and deleted the message before it could be seen).
  3. Another boy who is just a friend is apparently interested in me, but he’s not the boy I want.
  4. Another boy thinks I have a crush on him because I drunkenly stare at him during the entirety of last night’s party (and to be honest, I do have a crush on him, because I basically have one on every attractive male I see anymore; personality not important).

I hope this is a phase, some way of dealing with being single or rejected, and that it ends soon.  Because I am totally embarrassed to be me right now.

(But hopefully, I’m at least amusing people with my idiocy.  Everyone loves a little drama, especially when it involves someone else.)


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