maybe it’s not me!

Thank you, dear God, for good friends. Because I have ’em, and they helped me make some realizations!

I have been told ca. 2 trillion times by my friends, especially drunken male ones, that I am pretty and fun and cute and gorgeous, and everything that a girl wants to hear that she is.

I have also been told by other good friends that this guy likes me and that guy likes me, etc etc.   I really am wanted.  The actual reason I’m single just might be that these wonderful guys that want me just aren’t right for me, and aren’t my type.

I am not saying this to brag, believe you me, I’m sure most other girls are in the same position, or are even more wanted.  I’m saying this so I can look back and realize that I don’t need to lose all my self-esteem because I’m single.

I’m not unwanted, I just haven’t met a guy that’s right for me yet!  Believing this has made being single so much easier for me, and I’m back to enjoying my life and not making the same mistakes (so far, let’s not jinx it or anything).


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