decisions, decisions

Life does not seem to take into account what you want.  We all know this, but are still surprised when our plans are thrown out the window by unforeseen circumstances.  For example: relationships.  I swear, every time I am in a place where I am dying to be in a relationship again, there is no one for me.  No one wants to get serious (I mean, it is college) or they’re just not right for me.  And when I really want to be single: “Hi, Mr. Perfect here. Am I a little early? Maybe a little late?”

Why, yes, yes you are.

Right now, I am ca. 6 months out of a 4 year relationship. THUS, I am horrified of a serious relationship right now and feel the need to be single for, um, ever?  But a wonderful guy has decided to emerge who literally is exactly what I’d want and represents everything that would make me happy or be compatible with my life and personality.  But, I’d prefer this happen in about… 5 years.  

So my dilemma is this: do I keep him at a distance to maintain the freedom that I’ve grown so attached to? Or do I put that aside and dive into something serious?  Of course I want to lean toward independence, but my fear is that I’m gonna miss out on a perfect guy. Is it now or never?  And would a relationship with him be ruined by my current unhappiness with too much attachment?  What to do, what to do?

Ew, why does life involve so much decision-making?


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